Master-Arbeit Matthias Fitzky

Simulation of Cooling Energy Demand Using the 3D Citymodel of Singapore

Master Thesis, Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics, SS 2019

Using 3D Citymodels for urban energy analyses requires certain semantic and geomet-rical information of each building. The quality of the resources for such information de-fines the quality of the outcome of energy simulations as previous research has shown. In this thesis it will be analyzed to which extent of quality and reliability a cooling energy demand simulation in Singapore is possible. This includes an investigation on analyzing the quality of available information and existing building geometries. Based on the out-come of the simulation, recommendations for improving the input datasets will be made. It will also be analyzed if the implemented cooling energy calculation method in Simstadt is suitable for the given data model and climate region. Additionally, a concept of visual-izing the results in 3D is elaborated with the goal to enable an intuitive assessment of the energetical performance of buildings.
This thesis discovered as a result, that the simulation methodology as already applied in Germany is capable of calculating plausible results, but still has potential to be improved in accuracy when having input parameters more oriented on the Singaporean building stock. It has also been found that the EnergyADE is a suitable data model for storing the needed input data. The 3D-Visualization has been proven to consolidate information in a convenient manner.

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Web-based 3D Visualization of the calculated heating energy demand

Web-based 3D Visualization of the calculated cooling energy demand