Master-Arbeit Patrick Würstle

Conception and Development of a Prototype for Using a 3D City Model as Data Integration Basis for Energy Relevant Geodata at the Example of Ludwigsburg
Master Thesis, Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics, WS 2017/18

The district of Ludwigsburg has a climate protection concept they want to follow. The aim of this concept is to improve their energy consumption, CO2-emission and other environmental factors. To achieve this, different actions have been defined. The action this Research focuses on is the reduction of the Set Point Temperature in public buildings. To monitor these actions, Ludwigsburg simulates energy relevant data like heat demand based on the 3D Model of the buildings and other relevant factors with the software SimStadt.
For this thesis a prototype that allows for the alteration of the Set Point Temperature through visualization has been developed. This Prototype is based on the technologies of Cesium, Node.js and PostgreSQL.
This can be used by the Climate protection manager to adapt the values used for the simulation by the real-world temperatures. The Prototype gives the simulation a new level by loosening the restriction of only being able to use features in CityGML. Some of the other actions can be adapted into the same workflow but by far not all of them.

download iCity project