Publikationen 2021

Publikationen in wissenschaftlichen Zeitschriften und Proceedings, die einem peer review Verfahren unterzogen wurden (inkl. Dissertationen)

Bao, K.; Padsala, R.; Coors, V.; Thrän, D.; Schröter, B. A GIS-Based Simulation Method for Regional Food Potential and Demand. Land 202110, 880.

Steingrube, A.; Bao, K.; Wieland, S.; Lalama, A.; Kabiro, P.M.M.; Coors, V.; Schröter, B. A Method for Optimizing and Spatially Distributing Heating Systems by Coupling an Urban Energy Simulation Platform and an Energy System Model. Resources202110, 52. 19 pp

Santhanavanich, T.; Coors, V. CityThings: An integration of the dynamic sensor data to the3D city model. Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science2021, 16 pp ,  

Goy, S.; Coors, V.; Finn, D. Grouping techniques for building stock analysis: A comparative case study. Energy and Buildings 2021, 26 pp. doi: